Rainbow Day 2020

We enjoyed taking part in the school’s first ever Rainbow Day today as part of our work on the Amber Flag initiative. Everybody looked great in their rainbow colours! We had lots of fun at our outdoor disco this afternoon. Thanks to the Amber Flag committee for organising the day and thank you to everyone who brought in money to help fundraise for Pieta House.

Fire and Road Safety

This week is National Fire Safety Week and Irish Road Safety Week. We have been having lots of discussions about fire safety, especially with Halloween coming up soon. We played some safety games, practised fire drills and designed fire safety posters. We also talked about road safety and practised the Safe Cross Code. We got a certificate, badge and hi-vis armband to help us to remember to wear our seatbelt when travelling in a car or on a bus and to help us to stay safe when out walking. Thanks to Mrs Heffernan for the treats!

Autumn is here!

We went on an autumn scavenger hunt in the yard this week. We found lots of leaves, some seeds and a berry.

We also painted some beautiful autumn trees. We focused on colour and used pointillism techniques. Look at our lovely work!