We learned a little bit about money recently. We can recognise our Euro coins and we had fun working out change using a shopping game. We will be learning lots more about money later in the year. We have started learning about length. We know that length is a way of measuring how long, wide or tall something is. We practised measuring lots of things in our classroom using our fingertip, hand span and stride. We quickly figured out that this was tricky because everyone’s hands and feet are different sizes. Next, we practised measuring things using cubes and lollipop sticks. We decided that this was a bit better because all of the cubes and lollipop sticks were the same size, but it was still a bit tricky because sometimes there was a bit left over that we weren’t able to measure. We even measured our classroom using our Maths books, it was 26 books long! We know that it is much better to use centimetres and metres to measure things because then everyone will get the same answer. We are going to practise this next week.