Happy Halloween!

We had a great time dressing up today. We were very active by taking part in the Halloween walk and disco outside and also playing games and dancing in our classroom. We celebrated our great work this half term by having a party with some yummy treats. Here are some photos. Have a fun and safe midterm break everyone!

Autumn fun!

We have been busy working on the theme of ‘autumn’ recently.


autumn leaves display

Rainbow Day 2021

We had lots of fun celebrating Rainbow Day today.

We dressed up in lots of fabulous rainbow colours and helped to raise money for Pieta House.

We had fun at the yard disco.

We did some mindfulness exercises and colouring.

We painted beautiful rainbows to make a colourful window display.

Road Safety Week 2021

We were busy practising our road safety skills this week.

We talked about how we can be safe when walking, travelling in a car or on a bus, cycling or scooting. We made a poster and did some lovely colouring to

We learned the Safe Cross Code to help us to cross the road safely. We had fun practising it outside.

We also learned a road safety rhyme:

Fun and games!

We have been doing some great work in Room 17 over the past few days.

Practising our tricky words:

Exploring length in Maths:

We worked together in our table groups to see who could make the longest chain. Great teamwork!

Practising our numbers using playdough and sticks:

ESSD 2021

We had fun taking part in some sports activities today for European School Sports Day.

We marched in the parade and represented the Netherlands:

We took lots of active breaks in our classroom:

We played some ball games:

We had fun at the yard disco: