Maths Week 2018

We had lots of fun this week celebrating Maths Week. We had our Maths stations on Tuesday with Ms Tobin and Mrs M. Cummins. We learned how to play some new Maths games in class, such as ‘magic number’ and ‘higher or lower’. We did a Maths trail around the school. We also learned about a famous mathematician called Ada Lovelace, who is said to have invented computer programming.



Celery Experiment

We learned about trees recently for Tree Day. We wanted to find out how trees and other plants absorb water. We put some food colouring into containers of water. Then we put some stalks of celery into the containers of water. After a few days, we noticed that the celery was starting to change colour. We were able to see how the water travelled up through the celery stalks, just like it does through the roots and stems of trees and other plants.


We have been very busy at our Maths. We have stations every Tuesday at the moment, which is a lot of fun. We learned about 2-D shapes recently. We used lollipop sticks to construct some shapes and then we made some fabulous shape pictures in Art.

European Week of Sport

We took part in lots of activities during European Week of Sport. We used cubes to help us count the number of laps that we ran each day. We are doing really well at the Run Around Europe challenge. We did some extra brain breaks in our classroom each day. We even beat teacher in a skipping challenge!



Star of the Week

Well done to the boys and girls who won Star of the Week in September: Emma, Caitlin, Gabriel and Darragh. Maith sibh! Also well done to the groups who have earned the most table points each week so far. Keep up the good work!