Floating and Sinking

We are learning about energy and forces in Science at the moment. We experimented with lots of different things to help us learn about floating and sinking. We made predictions for each item and then we tested each one in a basin of water. We tried the experiment with different things, such as a coin, a paperclip, a piece of wood and even an orange! We were really surprised at some of our results. We also tested a ball of play dough, which sank. We then worked in our table groups to change the shape of the play dough to try and make it float on water. This was messy but fun!




New Year Art

We spent some time earlier this week looking back on our memories of 2018 and making some New Year’s resolutions. Today we brainstormed other things that happen when we celebrate a new year. We looked at photographs of New Year celebrations in different places around the world. We drew some fabulous fireworks using black paper and coloured chalk. Some of them are even hanging up on the Wow Wall! We are very proud of our work.