Active School Week Day 4

The rain didn’t stop us from having some active fun inside today! We did more Wake Up Shake Up exercises and tried some cardio desk drumming. We love movement breaks in Room 17.

A special badge was awarded to two children for great participation and being a good sport during Active School Week. Congratulations to our sports stars!

Active School Week Day 3

We had a great time today doing relay, egg and spoon and sack races in the field. Well done to our winners, but more importantly great job everybody for taking part and being good sports.

We also did Wake Up Shake Up and 10@10 exercises.

We finished off a fun day by taking part in the whole school ‘An DreoilĂ­n’ dance and a junior disco in the yard.

Active School Week Day 2

We had a great time taking part in the junior Olympics parade around the yard this morning. We represented France.

We also did Wake Up Shake Up again with 2nd class, Cosmic Yoga, a movement challenge with the GAA on Twitter, tennis and outdoor games.

Water safety

We learned about water safety today using the PAWS (Primary Aquatics Water Safety) programme. This will help us to stay safe when we’re near water at home or at places like the beach or farm. We all got a lovely certificate to celebrate our hard work.

Aistear springtime fun

We have had a great time learning about spring in Aistear over the past few weeks.

We went to the garden centre and farm shop in the role play area, explored a seasonal tuff tray, created beautiful bouquets and animals at the art and craft station, made some imaginative creations using playdough, built animal homes using lots of different construction toys and really enjoyed planting and water play at the investigation station.

Here are a few photos of us having fun and learning.