Games from the past

We have been having fun learning about games from the past and trying out some of them. We still enjoy lots of these games.


Duck Duck Goose

Skipping rhymes



We finished off our work on capacity today in Maths. We practised using the litre to measure the capacity of different containers.


We had lots of fun doing some orienteering today. We had to use a map of the school grounds to help us to find clues about a message about being an Active School. We worked in pairs to find lots of letters, which spelled out our Active Schools motto ‘Don’t Sit Be Fit!’ and the name of our Active Schools mascot ‘Beep Bot’. Well done everyone!

Investigating heat and light

We have been learning about heat and light as sources of energy. We know that the sun is the main source of heat and light on Earth and that all living things need the sun in order to live. We also discussed how to stay safe in the sun. We carried out an experiment to find out what kinds of things melt in the heat. The ice, butter and jelly all melted in warm water but the apple did not.


We worked together to experiment with different types of paper and foil to investigate light by tracing a picture of the sun. We found out that some types of paper are transparent and that foil is not transparent.

We also had fun using torches to make shadows and finding our shadows outside.






We had a fantastic time during our school tour to Imaginosity today. We stopped off on the way to have a picnic lunch and some play time. We were so lucky that the sun was shining.

Finally we got to Imaginosity! We had great fun exploring all sorts of different play areas over two floors.

Thank you very much to Caitlin and Ruby’s mums for coming along to help.

Toys and Games

We have been having fun learning about toys and games. We investigated and compared toys from the past and toys that we play with now. We worked in groups to make up and teach some card games to the rest of the class.

We have also been busy bringing in some lovely toys to create our very own toy museum.






We want to find out more about toys and games from the past, so we are going to try to talk to older family members to find out about toys and games that they enjoyed playing with when they were younger. We might even get a chance to try some of them!