Science Week 2018 – Skittles rainbow experiment

We have been learning about materials in Science, so teacher brought in some Skittles to do an experiment with colours. We arranged the Skittles in a pattern on a white plate. We made some guesses about what would happen if we added some water. Some people thought that the Skittles would float and others thought that their colours would get mixed up. We added some water to the plate. The colours from the Skittles mixed with the water to make a beautiful rainbow. We all thought that it was really cool.



Science Week 2018 – Paper Airplane Challenge

We tested our paper airplanes today. We discussed how to measure distances using rulers and metre sticks. First we discussed how to make the test fair. We put tape on the floor to mark where everyone would stand to fly their airplane. Everyone who had made an airplane took it in turns to fly their airplane in groups of two or three. Well done to everyone who took part, especially to Dillon, Robyn and Colin whose paper airplanes flew the furthest. They will take part in a school paper airplane challenge with Mrs Bouzzah in a few days.

Star of the Week

Well done to the boys and girls who were Star of the Week in October: √Čirinn, Lucy and Joseph C. Teacher found it too tricky to choose a star on the last day before midterm break, so everyone got a treat. Keep up the good work!