Maths Week 2019

We had fun taking part in lots of activities for Maths Week this week. We worked on some tricky puzzles to practise our Maths skills.

Mrs Bouzzah taught us some lovely dice games.

We worked together to complete a Maths trail around the school using our ‘Maths eyes’.

We finished off the week by doing some fun station activities.


Well done Issac!

Congratulations to Issac, who won a prize for his fire safety poster in the school Art competition.


We have been learning about games from the past and comparing them to games that we like to play now. Some of them have stayed the same. Today we tried out an old game called Four Corners. It was lots of fun.

Tree Day

National Tree Day took place on Thursday the 3rd of October. We learned about the parts of a tree, learned to identify lots of different types of trees and went on a tree hunt around the school yard. We also collected fallen leaves, twigs and seeds and used them to make leaf people in Art. We are doing an experiment with celery, water and food colouring to investigate how trees absorb water. We know how important trees are for the environment.